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Church at Evans Drive, Middlesboro, KY 40965

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  • They preach and live what they believe. If you disagree with them, then do your own thing. They are nice people, doing what they feel the Lord commands them to do. Amen...

    Added September 12, 2018 by Jason Morgan
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    An Open-Letter to Those Who Practice and/or Preach Snake-Handling in the Name of Jesus:

    How to prove snake-handling is a false teaching in three simple steps:

    1. First, and foremost, you should know that Mark 16:9-20 is an interpolation, a later addition to the text of Scripture; this includes Mark 16:18, on which you base your practices. Check any Bible produced in the 20th. Century or later, after the re-discovery of older copies of Mark; and look for the footnotes on these passages, if you don’t believe me. This is a fact, not an opinion, it has already been proven and you easily verify this fact for yourself.

    2. Secondly, if you read Mark 16:18, it says – “if any deadly thing they may drink, it shall not hurt them.” Feel free to consult the original Greek or any literal translation and you can verify this fact, for yourself, as well.

    3. Third, finally and most importantly, you can prove the invalidity of this teaching for yourself. Via polygraph analysis and/or other brain-scanning methodologies we can prove whether or not one truly believes in this teaching, then, after this is verified, one simply has to administer a single drink of any proven fatal (to drink) substance (in an amount that is proven as guaranteed to kill the drinker), if they die, then this passage is false, if they live, then we have just witnessed a miracle and you can rub the faces of all of your detractors with the evidence.

    I don’t recommend testing this, as you will die; because your teaching is false.

    It’s one thing to play with snakes that might bite you and might harm you and live or to drink some drinks that might poison you and might hurt you and survive, but to truly put this passage into practice, to truly believe, and to prove all of your detractors wrong and yourself, right, all one need do is successfully drink a sufficiently fatal quantity of arsenic or cyanide containing-substance, without suffering any ill effects, whatsoever.

    Please don’t do this, you will die; and that’s precisely why you don’t do this, because you know you will die.

    Please stop maiming and murdering yourselves and one another; I know you mean to mean well and intend to intend good but all you’re really accomplishing is needless suffering. If not for yourselves, then do it for your families.

    Religion pure and undefiled before God is to take care of widows and orphans in their strife; but, you’re creating that very strife! How many more must suffer and die, how many more widows and orphans will it take for you to open your eyes?

    Added November 19, 2016 by Liberty in Love Ministries, LLC
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